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Hi. I am Hilde Hutchings. Now, I could show you pictures of a stylish loft office, or of myself skating on my board in flip-flops. I could write about how important good communication is and how much fun it is to work with me. I could brag about how I reached thousands of consumers with a great campaign idea and only 100 slapdash words. I could. Yet, I don’t.

Instead, I prefer to focus on creating communication solutions that are tailored to your needs and designed to support your brand; on building strong relationships between you and your target groups; on writing stories that push your messages; in short: communication experiences that impress and that you and your customers love. To achieve this, I utilize the tools of traditional and digital public relations and marketing communication.

A Few Facts

  • Freelancer since 2001
  • Office located near Frankfurt am Main
  • Long-standing PR-and marketing experience in corporations in the US and Germany
  • Degree in Communications Science | Journalism | Marketing | Online Marketing

Modus Operandi

  • Whether you need full service or just project-related support, you get exactly what you need.
  • Even a small budget can have a big impact.
  • I believe that success also needs commitment, heart and soul.
  • I prefer challenges over ingrained habits and mindsets.
  • I mean what I say and say what I mean.
  • I do business based on integrity, reliability and trust.
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Communication is the key and vehicle to achieve company goals. On this basis, I develop communication solutions like a bespoke shirt – tailored to your needs and designed to help your brands succeed. That can be anything from texts for a company magazine to a cross-media concept for a product re-launch; from strategic media work to the creation of content that draws visitors to your website. All in best-practice quality.

Strategy | Concepts

  • Consulting
  • Strategy development
  • Communication concepts (cross-medial)
  • Content Marketing Strategies

Online Communication

  • Content Management | Content Marketing
  • Web sites: Concept | Text | Project Management
  • Social Media: Concept | Content | Text
  • Corporate Blogs: Concept | Text | Crossmedia

Corporate Publishing

  • Customer Magazines
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Catalogs | Brochures | Flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletters | Mailings
  • Speeches
  • Sales Materials | Presentations
  • Websites | Social Media | Blogs

Media Work

  • Strategy
  • Identification of topics
  • Press releases
  • Press kits
  • Press conferences
  • Articles for specialized media | Interviews | Authored articles
  • Exclusive media cooperations
  • Radio spots | TV-reports
  • Photo shootings
  • Media monitoring

Campaigns | Events

  • Image Campaigns
  • Workshops | Round-tables | Open house etc.
  • Online-Challenges | Contests etc.
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Can I truly assess and understand your company’s business? Or, for instance, really comprehend the work of a biochemist, recycling expert or a cosmetics manufacturer? Yes, I can! Because I love learning new things. And I will continue to ask questions until I have understood everything. Add to that some smarts, plenty of experience and an unobstructed view from the outside in.

Industry Experiences:


Treasures of Knowledge

It all began with press work on the topic of fertility issues. This was followed by national educational campaign s about Diabetes mellitus and Parkinson’s. Then I conducted workshops with international enzyme and vitamin experts. Further, I have launched deodorants, tooth pastes and lawn mowers, designed a portal for people 45+ and can distinguish between Alaskan and Norwegian salmon. I introduced the media to outdoor cooking and have written articles about convenience, slow and finger food. I have written articles about solar and wind energy, recycling, industrial parks, mobile marketing and data security. I know how CO2 is calculated, what RSPO stands for and how sustainable reports are designed. I am aware of the problems of corporations whose employees are aging or who need young talent. Currently, I am helping to implement a diet-program for a health insurance in the market and to raise awareness for their target group that has an affinity to Internet.

How wonderful that life – and especially my profession – are so diverse and colorful.

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My clients include small and medium-sized companies, national and international corporations, start-ups, associations and agencies. Some of them have been working with me for many years. Examples:

  • AB Enzymes
  • ADA Cosmetics International
  • Alaska Seafood Marketing
  • Arztleitsystem
  • Burson Marsteller
  • Capio Kliniken
  • CMI Cosmedi
  • Deutsche Hepatitis Gesellschaft
  • Die Räucherei
  • Edelman PR
  • Education Trend Academy
  • Enertrag
  • FES Frankfurt
  • Grossmann Feinkost
  • Popp Feinkost
  • MAN Roland
  • O‘Flynn Medical
  • Outdoor Cooking Challenge
  • SAG Deutschland
  • Tour Extrem
  • WDV Gesellschaft für Medien und Kommunikation
  • Weingut Villa Hochdörffer
  • 42 GmbH
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For Hutchings, connectivity is a question of culture. A culture of being open-minded and thinking outside the box – a culture that initiates positive, innovative and high-end work results. That is why – depending on the task and requirements – I work with freelance experts from journalism, public relations, marketing, graphic and web design. Not just another network, but a selection of proven professionals. They are also very personable. And team players. With our long-standing cooperation , we understand how to complement our collective expertise. Here are some of the ‘heads’.

Sabine Körner

Sabine Körner

PR Consultant and Copywriter
Germanist M.A.

The Imaginative One // Fresh, full of life-style, always smiling and a nose for new trends – that’s Sabine. She writes texts that are easy to read, even about topics that are indescribable, banal, complex. Editors love her natural style and she succeeds in placing topics as no-one else can. She derives her stamina from her hobby: swimming, which even enables her to save lives. She gained her experience over more than 15 years as a PR consultant in renowned PR agencies before becoming self-employed in 2011.

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Ralf Daniels

Ralf Daniels

Marketing Manager / Branding Expert

The Modern Strategist // Ralf is a visionary who thinks like an entrepreneur and has a fine flair for trends and lifestyle. Establishing and expanding brands and product worlds, identifying and strengthening potential, developing positioning, concepts and viable communications solutions – that is his world. He is the rock in the team, motivates everyone to be their best – a fair, reliable partner who opens opportunities and establishes structures. He gained his many years of experience in national and international leading consumer goods companies and in renowned advertising agencies. Biking and jogging provide the energy for this sports ace.

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Christiane Herzer

Christiane Herzer

PR Consultant and Project Manager
Degrees in Journalism/Marketing/German Studies

The Diplomat // Christiane always has the answers. Clear thinking and systematic actions – she is a competent consultant who guides her clients to their goals using charm and foresight. After several years of working on both agency and corporate levels, she set up her own business 14 years ago in her adopted city of Berlin. Now she manages not only client projects and marketing events but also a family – proof that she is a pro at organizing.

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Astrid Kramer-Wahrenberg

Astrid Kramer-Wahrenberg

Copywriter | Journalist | Author
Advertising Specialist

All-Natural // She lives an organic lifestyle and has been writing on the topic as a freelancer for more than 20 years. Easy writing style, credible and lively – that’s her modus operandi. Nature is her inspiration. Astrid has many years of experience as an editor and as a PR consultant in international public relations and ad agencies as well as a freelancer in various publishing houses.

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Barbara Rittweger

Barbara Rittweger

PR Consultant and Translator Certified Translator CT

The World Citizen // Maintains the USA/Germany connection. She specializes in clients who want to become established in the US market and is our local contact for US and German companies – with a true ‘can-do’ attitude. Barbara started out in marketing before moving to PR in renowned international US-agencies. Today, she handles marketing activities in the US and has been running her own translation company since 1997..

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Alexander Braun

Alexander Braun

Certified Graphic Designer | Focus: the web

The Artist // Creative director of corporate worlds on the internet. Alexander has the sure instincts for a client’s individuality, personality and its specific characteristics – and is able to blend these characteristics together online.

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Melanie Kirk-Mechtel

Melanie Kirk-Mechtel

Specialized Journalist | PR-Consultant with a focus on web communication
Certified Ecotrophologist

Die Web-Affine // Corporate webpages and blogs, Facebook, fanpages, PR- and specialized texts – Melanie “thinks digitally” and has a sixth sense for online communication. As a ecotrophologist she focuses on topics like nutrition and food. And that encompasses content, conception and realization in social media and content management systems. After more than ten years of agency experience, she has been working as a freelancer since 2006.

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Phone me:

+49 (0) 6101 9954 725

or mail to:


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